Police Department

Mission Statement (Why are we here)
We, the members of the Caldwell Police Department, in partnership with our community will strive to reduce crime, the fear of crime and improve the quality of life by upholding laws, protecting lives and property, and providing a safe and secure environment.

Contact Information
1105 Commerce Street
Caldwell, TX 77836


Vision (Where are we headed)
The vision of the Caldwell Police is to be regarded by our community and our profession as the premier law enforcement agency in the nation.

Values (How we do our business)

  • Selflessness (the quality of unselfish concern for the welfare of others)
  • Excellence (the quality of being exceptionally good in our service delivery)
  • Respect (Willingness to show consideration, appreciation and concern for all people)
  • Vigilance (careful attention, alert watchfulness of our community)
  • Integrity (honesty, moral soundness)
  • Collaboration (to work together/partnership)
  • Ethics (a code of behavior, a set of principles of right conduct we model)

GOALS (Desired outcomes we seek)

  • To Reduce Crime
  • To Reduce the Fear of Crime
  • To Improve the Overall Quality of Life in the Community
  • To Build and Maintain Effective Partnerships
Download Complaint Procedure for Racial Profiling

For information on paying a citation, please contact the Municipal Court office at (979) 567-7197 or email mcourt@caldwelltx.gov