This survey has been prepared by the Main Street Advisory Board and City of Caldwell Staff to understand what the community and visitors want to see in Downtown Caldwell. This feedback and information will help guide the Main Street program and better plan for the Future of Downtown Caldwell. The purpose of collecting data from the community is so that we can find the best ways to meet needs of the residents and visitors of Downtown Caldwell.

It doesn’t matter who you are or whether or not you live or work in Downtown Caldwell; if you have some kind of drive or need to want to see great things happen in Downtown Caldwell this is the first step! As residents of Caldwell, Downtown is the heart of the community. When people come to Downtown they expect an experience, we want to know what types of things you are interested in experiencing in Caldwell.

The goal of collecting the data and feedback from this survey is one of many steps the Main Street Board and City Staff are working towards to revitalize and restore Downtown Caldwell. The information will help the Board determine the transnational strategies that will be focused on over the next few years. Then this will begin the process of engagement and more outreach exercises to involve the entire community in establishing a Master Plan for Downtown Caldwell. Everything takes time and beginning this process now will be the first step in creating a great future for Downtown Caldwell. We look forward to your feedback and hope to see you in Downtown Caldwell Soon!

This survey is anonymous and will not collect or use any personal information about you.

If you are interested in volunteering your information will only be used to contact you about volunteering with the Main Street Program.