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General information about the survey is both on MSA’s COVID-19 site: Help Us Help Small Businesses and overviewed in this blog from a few days ago. Please distribute this information to your Main Street businesses with an encouragement to participateYou are welcome to forward this email to do that. The current plan is to close the survey on Monday, April 6th and by April 13th, to post aggregated results for the full U.S., and get to each state, county and city coordinating program their data summaries. In addition, any local program with greater than 5 responses will also have summaries, which will be pushed out to local programs  as well. The goal is to provide the data at multiple levels of analysis so that coordinators and MS directors can see how the challenges in their community relate to what’s happening elsewhere in the U.S.

After April 13th, MSA will conduct follow-up surveys with participants who opted in for continued participation. This smaller cohort group will be observed over time and help us to understand how the challenges facing small businesses are changing over time, alongside changes in impact of COVID-19 more broadly. We anticipate that we will share national and statewide data based on those follow-up surveys as further waves of surveying are completed, but we will not be able to provide community-centered reports on follow-up surveys as the numbers will likely be much smaller to accurately reflect local level shifts.

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