A Designated Texas Main Street City

Caldwell was designated a Texas Main Street City in January 2014, taking its place alongside 89 other communities across Texas.  The Main Street mission is to both embrace and energize Caldwell’s beloved, historic downtown district.  The downtown area has numerous retail shops and boutiques, restaurants, wine bars and antique stores.  Visit our downtown and eat, drink and play your way around the town square.

We are proud to announce that the Caldwell Main Street Program received National Accreditation for its performance in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

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Vision Statement:  The Caldwell Main Street Program endeavors to create within the Main Street Area an environment rich in experiences while preserving the beautiful, historic features of our treasured downtown.  It is our vision that Caldwell will become a destination for those seeking interesting places to shop, dine and enjoy entertainment while providing residents goods and services which will enrich their lifestyles.

THC Resource Report 2014: Caldwell Resource Team Report

Mission Statement:  The Caldwell Main Street Program will progress the Main Street Vision through the use of the National Main Street Four Point Approach.  The Board will man and oversee committees dedicated to Organization, Design, Promotion and Economic Restructuring.  The Board will establish a strong volunteer base, restoring and maintaining the historical integrity of the Main Street area, promoting the Main Street Area to both internal and external audiences and aggressively engaging in the recruitment and retention of retail entities in keeping with the Plan of Work established by the Main Street Advisory Board.

Core Values:  The Caldwell Main Street Program seeks to promote a passion for preserving our cultural heritage through education and knowledge.  Promoting a sense of pride in what our community is and a vision for what it can become.  A core tenet of the program is respect for every individual and their right to a voice in the future of our community.  Board members of the program seek to lead and teach by example making all interactions with each other and the community honest and trustworthy.  Business decisions will be made with consideration of the best outcome for the most people and never for personal gain.

Main Street Board: The Main Street Board develops plans and programs to stimulate both historic preservation and economic vitality for downtown Caldwell. The plans and programs must meet the Texas Historical Commission’s criteria for Main Street communities.

Meeting Schedule: Monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the council room at City Hall.

Main Street Advisory Board – Voting Members:

  1. Lia Zaccagnino – Chair
  2. Taylor Locke – Vice Chair
  3. Nancy Bryan-Stewart- Secretary
  4. Juan Zermeno – Board Member
  5. Catherine Bell-Groce – Board Member
  6. Betsy Wellhausen – Board Member
  7. Janice Easter – Board Member
  8. Kim Proctor-Evers – Board Member

Ex-Officio- Non- Voting Members:
Camden White – City of Caldwell, City Administrator
Melissa Gonzalez – City of Caldwell, City Secretary
Susan Mott – Burleson County Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director

If you would like to volunteer with Main Street, please email mainstreet@caldwelltx.gov, or contact one of the board members listed above. We win as a team!

Volunteer with Main Street
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Main Street Volunteer Welcome Guide