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Information and Tips for Caldwell and Burleson County Businesses, amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak.

As many folks are aware of the current COVID-19 outbreak affecting the world and the economy, our local small businesses in Caldwell and Burleson County are impacted as well. Community is at the heart of everything we do. As COVID-19 begins to have an increasingly significant impact on communities across the country. The City of Caldwell and Burleson County Chamber of Commerce are working closely to provide information and resources available to our businesses. The Main Street of America program is compiling existing resources, opportunities, and community response examples to help small businesses and Main Street districts during this unforeseen circumstance. We also encourage you to visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website as well as Texas Department of State Health Services (Texas DSHS) for information and tips. 

The Chamber and the City support and understand the need for businesses and employers to operate and provide resources to our community members. It is important that precautionary measures are being taken by all to combat the COVID-19 virus. During this unprecedented time, the City of Caldwell urges everyone to participate in keeping our community healthy and safe by following the CDC and Texas DSHS guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other illnesses. 


  1. Restaurants are highly advised to close dining areas and provide other means of service, such as: call ahead take-out orders, drive-thru, curbside pick–up, or delivery.   
  2. Business, bars, churches or similar establishments are highly recommended to limit the number of patrons gathering inside an establishment to 10 people or less.  
  3. Employers should actively encourage sick employees to stay home.  
  4. Establishments should perform routine cleaning and etiquette hygiene by all employees.  
  5. Establishments are encouraged to share best practices with other businesses.   


Health & Safety (CDC & TDSHS) 





Instagram has new stickers that are great for businesses! Here is a link to the details. https://wersm.com/new-instagram-stickers-to-help-small-businesses-survive-the-pandemic/


  • Take your menus and consolidate them, provide three to five different menu options each day 
  • Promote new menus when customers call, post on social media pages and let your friends and neighbors know. 
  • Take flyers or call businesses that are still having employees work on site and offer lunch deliveries. 
  • Provide a coupon or gift certificate with purchases over a certain amount to be used for a future purchase or date night deal. 
  • Virtual Cocktail Hour! Start a Facebook live, or group skype/facetime event for your place to host a virtual cocktail hour “Corona Hour”. Have people participate virtually, maybe throw in a deal of the day for people who participate. 
  • Virtual live stream for musicians, obviously their audience would be virtual, but they could still have the opportunity to come and perform. 
  • Promote each other’s businesses and do combined menu options. 

WORK TOGETHER! Communicate and work with other local restaurants and share/trade resources and stock. Some restaurants might be experiencing supply chain issues, talk with other local restaurants and establish trades or partnerships with each other for products, staffing, menus, etc.  

Doing these small changes will allow you to save your stock and inventory to last for a longer amount of time. 

Shops and Other Businesses: 

  • Offer call orders and on-line orders and have pictures and prices for curbside or local delivery service so people can shop without having to come into the store.  
  • Have a item of the day and do a Facebook live or virtual chat where people can participate to buy your items.  
  • Offer deals for families that have kids at home and may need something to do.  
  • Do a lesson of the day and create a live stream or video of how to do business or fun crafts, etc. Let people know they can purchase and then come by to pick up or have products delivered if they want to participate in a virtual activity. 
  • Virtual Cocktail Hour! Start a Facebook live, or group skype/facetime event for your place to host a virtual cocktail hour “Corona Hour”. Have people participate virtually, maybe throw in a deal of the day for people who participate. 
  • Virtual live stream for musicians, obviously their audience would be virtual, but they could still have the opportunity to come and perform. 
  • Have flexible business hours, close on the weekend and open during the week, etc. 
  • Turn off lights and unnecessary cooling of areas in buildings that are not being used, to save on bills. 
  • It doesn’t hurt to ask your building owner if they could work with you on decreasing rental rates for a few weeks.   
  • Promote each other’s businesses and sales. 

How to increase your businesses online presence.

Social Media Tips for Small Businesses


For more information or questions please contact: 

Forrest Williams | Community Development Director 

City of Caldwell | 979-567-3901 

Susan Mott | Executive Director 

Burleson County Chamber of Commerce | 979-567-0000